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A sister concern of Tokal Power Engineering Ltd. (TPEL),


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Tokai Power Engineering

Tokai Power Engineering started with a vision to cater the need of electrical power distribution, control, operation, protection equipment, electrical equipment to give you a total sense of electrical solutions. Our products are most suitable for precise operation of cutting edge industrial facility including rapidly advancing Factory Automation (FA) production lines, intelligent buildings, etc. Not only we are working with Electrical Sub-Stations, BBT, On line UPS, Cable Tray, Industrial Lighting, Lighting protection but also fulfill the need of electrical component of different brands combined with installation, servicing, etc.

Sister Concern

A sister concern of Tokai Power Engineering Ltd. (TPEL), a pioneer and leader of quality and innovation in the Electrical Engineering sector, working in producing, assembling a wide range of Engineering products such as Transformers, HT & LT switchgears, PFI, Generator and BBT, Wave Automation & Engineering had embarked into providing the total solution a Industrial and Intelligent Building requires

Working in:

  1. Electrical Sub-Stations (11KV, 33KV & 132 KV)
  • Power & Distribution Transformer, Cast Resin Transformer
  • High Tension Switchgear for 33 KV & 11 KV.
  • Low Tension Switchgear
  • PFI Plant
  • Generator – Diesel, Petrol & Gas Generator
  1. BBT (Bus Bar Tanking) Services – Total Installation, Servicing, System Analysis & Design. Consultancy.
  2. On Line UPS
  3. Cable Tray – Design, Production, Installation, Servicing
  4. Factory Industrial Lighting System
  5. Lighting Protection System
  6. Electrical Components supply and installation (L&T, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi, Sneidar)

Our customers

Our customers have come to rely on us for support at the most critical stages of their needs. Our stability and integrity as a supplier are paramount in an industry where demands must be resolved quickly and effectively. Our group has grown to become the largest transformer manufacturer in Bangladesh.